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Today's hackers assume that most businesses have implemented at least some kind of computer security. In response, cybercriminals have learned to design code that tries to bypass typical virus software. Find out how advanced detection and prevention offers extra layers of security against the newest and most sophisticated digital attacks.

Why Do Businesses Need Advanced Detection and Protection?

Organizations and individuals usually rely upon off-the-shelf software that performs virus scans to protect their computers, data, and networks. Typical virus-protection software looks for signatures of known threats but may not provide enough protection against sophisticated threats.

Polymorphic and Unknown Code

Polymorphic software can change on the fly to evade detection by typical security software. Recent studies have found that polymorphic programs make up a large percentage of malicious executables and other undesirable code. In addition, many threat signatures only arise within one organization and many only appear once. That means virus scans can't catch them because they've never been updated with the digital signatures of these new or mutated computer viruses.

Other Threats to Cybersecurity

Besides malicious software, other cybersecurity threats can include phishing, social engineering, and even inside jobs from people who already have credentials. Catching these sorts of vulnerabilities exceeds the capabilities of common virus scans.

How Advanced Detection and Prevention Works

Luckily for computer users, security professionals know how to stay a step ahead of malicious hackers. They employ a couple of methods to detect and prevent all sorts of digital attacks before they can do any damage.


Sandboxing refers to isolating new or distrusted code. That way, it can run without infecting a computer or network. Security professionals can watch the code's behavior to make sure it performs as expected, so they don't have to rely upon known virus signatures.

Intelligent Monitoring Software

Most organizations lack the resources to have people watch every piece of code and data that enters their computer systems. The most advanced threat monitoring software employs machine learning, AI, analytics, and information about prior threats to detect, block, and record potential cyberattacks. This software can provide 24/7 surveillance to help protect against known and unknown threats, and it will even send alerts to the security team if it finds suspicious behavior.

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