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How We Can Help

We help secure networks, applications, people and facilities enabling you to reduce risk and grow

Penetration Testing

Identify and validate exploitable vulnerabilities in networks, applications and facilities before hackers are able to discover and exploit them. Focus areas include advanced Network, Application and Physical Penetration Testing.


Red Teaming

A full-scope, multi-layered attack simulation designed to measure how well your People, Networks, Applications and Physical Security Controls can withstand an attack from a real-life adversary.


Social Engineering

Exploiting weaknesses in human nature, rather than hardware and software. Social Engineering tests human susceptibility to deceitful persuasion and manipulation through Email Phishing, Phone, Fax and Physical Pretexting.


Expose your hidden risks and vulnerabilities

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Offensive Security Refined™

The best defense is a good offense. Test the effectiveness of your own security controls before hackers do it for you.

Penetration Testing

  • Applications
  • Network / Infrastructure
  • Physical Security
  • iOS / Android Mobile
  • API / Web Services
  • Cloud Security

Social Engineering

  • Spearphishing
  • Onsite / Physical
  • Fax
  • SMS
  • Telephone / Vishing
  • Phishing

Red Teaming

  • Physical Intrusion
  • Application Penetration Testing
  • Network Penetration Testing
  • Social Engineering
  • Rogue Device / APT

War Gaming

  • Cyber War Gaming
  • Denial-of-Service
  • Distributed Attacks (DDoS)
  • Red Team vs Blue Team
  • Rogue Device / APT

Industry Experts

RedTeam Security is a boutique, high-touch ethical hacking firm highly trained in a narrow field of cyber security. We are often consulted by national TV news and media outlets, such as CNN, FOX News, Los Angeles Times and Business Insider.

“Hacking The Grid” Cybersecurity Documentary Featuring RedTeam Security

Drones, lock picking, computer hacking, motion detection evasion, hidden cameras, night vision, fence jumping, RFID cloning. Sound like a movie? Watch as a film crew are embedded with RedTeam Security hackers during a real-life Red Team engagement.


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Endlessly striving for a fantastic deliverable and an exceptional customer experience

Remediation Solved

We are hired to help fix security issues, not just find them. All of our pen tests include remediation re-testing at no additional charge. What’s more, there is no limit to the number of re-tests. Still stuck? Use our private client portal to engage us for additional help, all at no charge.

True Partnership

Our team strives to be a fixed and reliable resource well before and more importantly, well after the final report has been delivered. Whether its sitting in on your meetings, providing quick advice or augmenting your team on an ongoing basis.


Individualized attention, high-touch, near constant communication, advanced manual testing. We pour a lot of time and resources into ensuring a fantastic deliverable and more importantly, an exceptional customer experience whether its your organization’s 1st or its 100th assessment.

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Our Penetration Testing, Social Engineering and Red Teaming services go beyond the checkbox to help prevent data breaches

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