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Offensive Cybersecurity FAQs Offensive Cybersecurity FAQs

  • How Much Does Physical Penetration Testing Cost?

    Naturally, businesses need to know how much they will pay for their security project. Some websites offer flat rates for physical pen testing. Sadly, that's a clear sign that the company probably won't tailor their plan to the business. For example, a small clinic may keep private patient records they need to protect; however, the test probably won't take as long or involve as many variables as the pen testing required for a global financial company.

    RedTeam Security will do a quick, online scoping of the project to determine the price. Of course, time, travel, and other factors will determine the final cost. Take a look at the free online scoping process to request a personalized price quote.

    Why Is Physical Penetration Testing Important? 

    When people think of cybersecurity, they often turn an eye to areas such as computers, networks, web applications, mobile, and IoT (Internet of Things). All important areas to firmly secure, however, when developing an overall cybersecurity strategy, sometimes organizations get caught up in their tech and inadvertently overlook their physical security. Performing physical penetration testing is essential to ensure your security plan is robust and able to withstand bad actors from infiltrating and exploiting your business.

    RedTeam Security understands the need to ensure your physical security barriers can withstand attempts made by these bad actors to gain access. Our experienced penetration testers are highly skilled at identifying any physical vulnerabilities in your organization's physical defenses.

    Investing in physical penetration testing comes with the benefit of exposing any weak physical barriers that might be present, along with enabling you to understand any risks you face and the damage attackers can cause should they breach your physical barriers. When our experienced pentesters set out to perform physical penetration testing, we do so intending to expose any lapses, weaknesses, or hidden vulnerabilities in your organization's physical goals. Other primary benefits of physical penetration testing include:

    • An experienced eye to examine all aspects of your physical security methods to determine any potential risks - sometimes, it takes an objective eye that isn't overly familiar with your facility to detect weaknesses.
    • Ensure your physical controls, including locks, cameras, sensors, and barriers, are intact and free of any flaws.
    • Make certain your physical security defenses are as strong as they can be - if we detect any weaknesses, we'll highlight these and address how they can be remediated.
    • Identify any human weaknesses in your organization and help develop strategies to integrate security awareness training as a part of your security posture.
    • Develop more robust overall security policies to ensure individuals with ill intent don't successfully launch physical or cyber attacks against your organization.

    Even if you invest a large portion of your budget to strengthening your digital defenses, all can be for naught if a criminal can easily access your facility to steal equipment, data, or any of your other valuable assets. RedTeam Security's pentesters are extremely thorough and have years of experience in detecting even the most obscure weaknesses. We'll flesh out any vulnerabilities so you can rest assure no attackers will be able to exploit you.

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