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The Information Security Industry

Information security requires specialized skills. For many organizations, outsourcing makes more sense than having employees handle it all. You gain access to expertise without having to hire full-time specialists. It leaves you free to focus on your business with confidence that your IT systems are well protected. The type of cybersecurity service you need depends on the type of business and the required level of security. There are several business models to choose from.

The important thing is to choose a provider that ranks high in experience and expertise in security risk management. Our penetration testing services can help you to protect all aspects of information access, both technically and physically. Call us today at (952) 836-2770 to schedule a free consultation.

Types Of Cybersecurity Providers

You can outsource digital information security completely or in part. There are three major types of information security providers, each offering different benefits and trade-offs.

  • A managed service provider (MSP) for IT. Security is part of the package of information technology services you get from an MSP. This approach gives you one-stop shopping; you know whom to talk to about all IT security issues. It tends to be less expensive than hiring a specialized security service, but you generally won't get as high a level of dedicated expertise. Getting security through an MSP can work well for small businesses and other organizations with moderate security needs.
  • A managed security service provider (MSSP). This type of service specializes in information systems security. You get a systems protection package from cybersecurity professionals who know the subject well and constantly update their knowledge. Packages are generally available at multiple levels to suit your needs. If you have fairly high-security requirements, a good MSSP should be able to satisfy them and protect your sensitive information.
  • A security consulting firm providing custom services. Consulting firms work closely with you to assess your needs and provide a unique set of services to meet them. Cybersecurity professionals will be available to answer questions and address issues quickly. Hiring a firm of this kind will cost more, but it's worth it if you have very high information security needs.

What Information Security Providers Do For You

Whichever type of information security management provider you choose, the quality of the security measures is essential. You need to be confident that you're protected from unauthorized access and security breaches. The device and network security services should cover the following areas:

  • Reducing the risk of data breaches and attacks in IT systems.
  • Applying security controls to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.
  • Preventing disruption of services, e.g., denial-of-service attacks.
  • Protecting IT systems and networks from exploitation by outsiders.
  • Keeping downtime to a minimum so productivity stays high.
  • Ensuring business continuity through data protection of information assets.
  • Providing peace of mind by keeping confidential information safe from security threats.

What To Look For In A Cybersecurity Provider

The key question is how well a provider does these things. You need to look for positive indicators such as these:

  • Technical expertise in systems and data security.
  • Reliable and prompt customer communication and support.
  • Comprehensive coverage, including desktop devices, IoT, and smartphones.
  • Careful handling of sensitive data.
  • A record of successful protection of their customers' information assets.
  • References confirming the quality of service.

When talking to a provider, ask lots of pointed questions. Reliable information security professionals will be happy to answer them.

  • Are they experts on security systems who are proficient in solutions, services, and processes?
  • What examples can they give of successful outcomes? What customer problems have they solved? Can they share success stories about projects they've managed?
  • Do they understand your business's information security policies, and do they show interest in learning your unique requirements?
  • Do they constantly update their knowledge to keep up with the latest trends in cybercrime and malware?
  • Do they have an eye for detail that lets them solve unusual problems?
  • Can they explain technical IT security issues in terms which laymen understand?
  • Can they provide analogies that help non-technical people to understand information security management?
  • Are they up to date on the latest technical issues regarding threats, attacks, and security measures?
  • Do they take a collaborative approach, working with you to achieve your business goals?
  • What assurances of trust do they offer?
  • What measures do they take to protect your confidential information?
  • Can they provide references to help you gauge their performance and effectiveness at system and data protection?

The Importance Of Information Security

Every organization needs protection against cyber attacks and security threats. Cybercrime and malware are constant threats to anyone with an Internet presence, and data breaches are time-consuming and expensive. The services of a trustworthy information security provider will mitigate digital information risks and keep systems running without disruption.

Not all organizations require the same kind or degree of data protection. You have to choose a provider that you can work with from day to day, one that will meet your business's needs. A solid relationship with a security services provider gives your organization greater productivity, fewer disruptions, and a better reputation.

Free Consultation With Our Cyber Security Experts

We're ready to help you ensure the quality of your cybersecurity. RedTeam Security penetration testing services will let you better protect all aspects of your sensitive information against online and physical threats. We'll provide you with a free consultation and recommendations. Contact us online, or call (952) 836-2770.

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