RedTeam To Release PyPhishing Tool At ArticCon – Red Teaming Conference

Written by
Jeremiah Talamantes

ArticCon is a security conference by Red Teamers, for Red Teamers.

Matt Grandy, a security consultant with RedTeam Security, will be releasing his open-source email social engineering tool (PyPhishing) at ArcticCon on October 20, 2016, at Optum World Headquarters 11000 Optum Circle, Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA — Conference Room East 4.

About ArticCon 2016

Staying ahead of the Blue Team is hard, and Red Teaming can be lonely.

At ArticCon, we’re bringing together cyber red team operators from across industry and government in order to create a trusted community where attendees can share TTPs, improve methods, and swap war stories.  Attendees should leave this con with not just improved kit, but also improved contacts within the community.  We believe two heads are better than one.

“Email phishing is one of the easiest and most successful avenues to infiltrate a company.  This can range anywhere from a large email blast to see who bites all the way to a targeted spearphishing attack against a single person. This talk will touch on the basics as well as some more advanced facets of email phishing.  A new tool, PyPhishing, which was created by Matt will also be released to attendees and discussed. (Matt is a penetration tester at RedTeam Security, and is currently working on two more Python-based security tools.)”

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