RedTeam Security Presented At HTCIA 2015

Written by
Jeremiah Talamantes

RedTeam Security’s Jeremiah Talamantes just recently presented at the High Tech Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA) International Conference & Training Expo 2015 last month. The conference attracts digital forensics, law enforcement, security experts, and military from the US, Canada, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. RedTeam was extremely pleased to have had the privilege to speak about a security research project called the PlugBot Project, that explores the concept of a hardware botnet.

PlugBot project is a security research project by RedTeam Security, led by Jeremiah Talamantes. It is designed to be a proof-of-concept / experimental foray into the development of software that could potentially support the concept of a hardware botnet.

The hardware component to this project is intended to be single-board computers, such as: Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, Cubox, etc. Jeremiah began developing the concept in February 2010 right around the initial surge of plug computers into the tech market. Although the development ceased not soon after, the research aspect continued into his dissertation and finally came to life again in early 2015. The code will become publicly available and under open source licensing. Please sign up for our Labs newsletter for notifications.

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