Business Insider Video Features RedTeam Security’s PlugBot Tool

RedTeam Security's PlugBot Tool

Business Insider produced a video featuring Jeremiah Talamantes, and his latest research project, The PlugBot. It is designed to be a proof-of-concept / experimental foray into the development of software that could potentially support the concept of a hardware botnet. The PlugBot is used heavily by RedTeam Security during the Physical Intrusion and Penetration Testing leg of Red Teaming engagements where the team wishes to maintain persistent connectivity to the target network/systems from anywhere in the world.

A group of white hat hackers from Minnesota called RedTeam Security helps companies prevent cyberattacks by exposing their vulnerabilities. One of the ways they do this is by breaking into a building and installing a small computer which grants them remote access to the network. It sounds a lot like something out of “Mr. Robot,” but it’s all very real and works surprisingly well!

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