Simulated hacker attacks to determine
real-world risk to your organization


Social engineering, IDS evasion
Spearphishing, AV evasion, more...

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  • Network Penetration Testing

    Network Penetration Testing

    We simulate real-world attacks by attempting to bypass system controls in your internal network or Internet-facing network.
  • Vulnerability Assessment

    Vulnerability Assessment

    Consultants carry out steps to identify, quantify and apply risk ratings for security vulnerabilities within systems and hosts.
  • Application Penetration Testing

    App Penetration Testing

    Our experienced consultants thoroughly examine your apps for application-centric security vulnerabilities.
  • Wireless Security Testing

    Wireless Security Testing

    We examine the architecture/components of a wireless network in an effort to identify any weaknesses in the implementation.
  • Social Engineering

    Social Engineering

    Consultants trick employees into divulging confidential information via Email Phishing, Telephone, Baiting and other methods.
  • Data Breach Investigation

    Data Breach Investigation

    We work with you in an effort to determine the impact of a data breach and provide expert advice in mitigating any future risk.

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  • Vulnerability Assessment vs. Penetration Testing

    Vulnerability Assessment vs. Penetration Testing

    Vulnerability Assessment
    Vulnerability scanning and penetration tests are fairly common among larger IT organizations and they are becoming more common in smaller shops as well. In some organizations these terms are used interchangeably to identify processes meant to root our weaknesses in applications and infrastructure, but is that right? What is the difference between a vulnerability scan and a penetration test, and how do these differences impact the goal of discovering exploitable weaknesses in an enterprise?

    Vulnerability scans tend to use automated tools, with some manual support, to identify known weaknesses in a target enterprise. These scans can be a perfunctory as a port scan, or a scan for PCI compliance or the OWASP top ten vulnerabilities. The market is full of good tools that meet any need and a properly scoped vulnerability scan can reveal a lot about an environment, including unapplied patches, vulnerable software versions, common weaknesses in applications and gaps in network controls like firewalls. What a vulnerability scan cannot do, is exploit those weaknesses to prove their severity or determine the extent the control environment’s potential for compromise. A vulnerability scan also cannot often identify when other controls in an environment might…

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