Simulated hacker attacks to determine
real-world risk to your organization


Social engineering, IDS evasion
Spearphishing, AV evasion, more...

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  • Network Penetration Testing

    Network Penetration Testing

    We simulate real-world attacks by attempting to bypass system controls in your internal network or Internet-facing network.
  • Vulnerability Assessment

    Vulnerability Assessment

    Consultants carry out steps to identify, quantify and apply risk ratings for security vulnerabilities within systems and hosts.
  • Application Penetration Testing

    App Penetration Testing

    Our experienced consultants thoroughly examine your apps for application-centric security vulnerabilities.
  • Wireless Security Testing

    Wireless Security Testing

    We examine the architecture/components of a wireless network in an effort to identify any weaknesses in the implementation.
  • Social Engineering

    Social Engineering

    Consultants trick employees into divulging confidential information via Email Phishing, Telephone, Baiting and other methods.
  • Data Breach Investigation

    Data Breach Investigation

    We work with you in an effort to determine the impact of a data breach and provide expert advice in mitigating any future risk.

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  • Article: Third Party Data Breach Prevention

    Article: Third Party Data Breach Prevention

    RedTeam Security was recently asked to contribute to a news piece about Third-party / Subcontractor Data Breach Prevention, by Minneapolis-based daily newspaper, Finance & Commerce. The article was inspired by the massive credit card breach by Target Corp. recently whose root cause was derived from a security incident at one of Target's HVAC contractors.

    According to the Verizon Data Breach Report, data breaches whose root cause involved a third party more than doubled in 2012. This is a growing trend that is likely to rise in the next two to three years. For more information on what organizations can do to minimize the third party risks, please read the full article online.

    Full Article Here:

    About Finance & Commerce
    Finance and Commerce is the only daily newspaper devoted exclusively to business in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis–Saint Paul) of Minnesota. Founded in 1887, it provides extensive coverage of Twin Cities business news in the areas of real estate, construction, technology, banking, energy, health care and advertising. It is the official newspaper for Hennepin County and the City of Minneapolis. The newspaper is owned by Dolan…

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