Simulated hacker attacks to determine
real-world risk to your organization


Social engineering, IDS evasion
Spearphishing, AV evasion, more...

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  • Network Penetration Testing

    Network Penetration Testing

    We simulate real-world attacks by attempting to bypass system controls in your internal network or Internet-facing network.
  • Vulnerability Assessment

    Vulnerability Assessment

    Consultants carry out steps to identify, quantify and apply risk ratings for security vulnerabilities within systems and hosts.
  • Application Penetration Testing

    App Penetration Testing

    Our experienced consultants thoroughly examine your apps for application-centric security vulnerabilities.
  • Wireless Security Testing

    Wireless Security Testing

    We examine the architecture/components of a wireless network in an effort to identify any weaknesses in the implementation.
  • Social Engineering

    Social Engineering

    Consultants trick employees into divulging confidential information via Email Phishing, Telephone, Baiting and other methods.
  • Data Breach Investigation

    Data Breach Investigation

    We work with you in an effort to determine the impact of a data breach and provide expert advice in mitigating any future risk.

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  • Free Social Engineering eBook by RedTeam

    Free Social Engineering eBook by RedTeam

    We are pleased to release the first in our series of information security eBooks called, Social Engineering: Detect & Mitigate. This publication is available for FREE download.

    About the eBook
    Social Engineering: Detect & Mitigate is an invaluable resource for IT Managers, Security Officers, CISOs and Security Analysts responsible for managing or improving the security posture of an organization. Social engineering attempts on users hits home moreso than any other type of attack. Their very nature is designed to exploit the basic human trust in people - that's where it hurts most. It's also why they are so effective.

    From The Author
    In this book, I'll introduce the notion for those that are new to the Social Engineering. I'll then discuss the recent growth in this attack vector and why it's important to conduct awareness training and social engineering testing. Finally, I'll present two actual social engineering engagements (Spearphishing, Physical Onsite) that I conducted, my tactics and ways to detect and mitigate these types of attacks.

    To download this FREE eBook, please visit this link!

    For information about how you can detect and…

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