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Focusing on Penetration Testing, Social Engineering, Physical Security and Red Teaming, our team of highly-skilled analysts bring a wealth of experience, wisdom, and stability to every project.

About Us

Located inside of the historic Union Depot building in St. Paul, Minnesota, RedTeam Security has been providing premier information security services since 2008.
Driven by a dedication to helping organizations discover and address their security vulnerabilities, RedTeam Security leaves clients in a defensible position, ready to face security threats head-on.
About Us
Kevin Keane Kevin Keane
Executive Vice President
Diana LaValle Diana LaValle
Vice President of Sales
Meeghan McGahan Meeghan McGahan
Vice President of Operations
Misha Smith Misha Smith
Vice President of Marketing
Angie Dean Angie Dean
Director of Sales
Mandy Daley Mandy Daley
Office Manager
Brian Halbach Brian Halbach
Security Consultant
Gabriel Cornyn Gabriel Cornyn
Security Consultant
Kyle Brennis Kyle Brennis
Security Consultant
Michael Michael
Security Consultant
Sal Sparace Sal Sparace
Security Consultant
Ziara Torres Ziara Torres
Security Consultant