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CrashOverride: Protecting Your Grid

Fast facts about the new malware that targets power grids dubbed, CrashOverride. Watch as RedTeam’s Director of Strategy & Marketing briefs…

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Hacked by the Houston Chronicle
HACKED – A Houston Chronicle Energy Sector Cybersecurity Series Featuring RedTeam Security

The Houston Chronicle reached out to us recently for an up-close look into how we carry out Red Team Operations, particularly…

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Over 3.5 Million Views For Our Red Team Video

Wow, 3.5 million views on alone. What a great milestone! We couldn’t have achieved this without our courageous client’s commitment…

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Russian Hacking Interview on KIRO 93.7 FM Seattle with RedTeam Security CEO

KIRO Radio 97.3 FM kindly invited RedTeam Security’s Jeremiah Talamantes to the show to speak about Critical Infrastructure security (ie: power utilities)…

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We Need Your Opinion – Help Us Create Better Content For You

Please help us create better and more engaging content for you. What do you want to know more about? Red teaming?…

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RedTeam Publishes Article in POWERGRID Magazine: Google Dorking and Shodan

The new November 2016 issue of POWERGRID International Magazine features an article written by RedTeam Security President and Founder, Jeremiah Talamantes,…

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