Full Force Red Teaming®

Multi-blended, adversarial-based attack simulation against people, software, hardware, and facilities performed simultaneously for the conservation of the target’s data security


Overview Of Red Teaming

The objective of a red team test is to obtain a realistic idea of the level of risk and vulnerabilities against your technology, people and physical assets.

Technology – Networks, applications, routers, switches, appliances, etc.

People – Staff, independent contractors, departments, business partners, etc.

Physical Assets – Offices, warehouses, substations, data centers, buildings, etc.

Red Teaming Chart

Our Full Force Red Team® Operations (red teaming) launches a multi-blended attack involving several facets of social engineering, physical penetration testing, application penetration testing and network penetration testing, simultaneously. It’s aimed at revealing real-world opportunities for malicious insiders or bad actors to be able to compromise all aspects of your organization in such a way that allows for unauthorized virtual and/or physical access to sensitive information leading up to data breaches and full system/network compromise.

Red team pentesting is an attack simulation carried out by our highly trained security consultants in an effort to:

  • Identify physical, hardware, software and human vulnerabilities
  • Obtain a more realistic understanding of risk for your organization
  • Help address and fix all identified security weaknesses

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Watch A Red Team Engagement

Business Insider Rides Shotgun as RedTeam Security Hacks the Power Grid

Red team is in our name. Our consultants have experienced virtually and physically infiltrating some of the most secure environments the same way bad guys would. They leverage this experience to zero in on critical issues and provide thorough reporting and actionable remediation guidance.

What Is Red Team Testing?

Red team testing is a multi-blended, simulated attack orchestrated from the perspective of a bad guy or group of bad guys. The objective is to realistically simulate a virtual and physical security attack and attempt to uncover security vulnerabilities that might otherwise be discovered by bad actors.

While a red team engagement is an offensive attack simulation typically conducted by a third-party organization, it is sometimes juxtaposed with a “blue team,” or defensive team responsible for defending against red teamers and actual attackers alike.  Sometimes, when both teams are working on an engagement together, it may be called purple teaming.

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Why Should I Conduct A Red Team Test?

Red team testing can give you valuable insight into the security posture of your various, diverse assets so you’re able to take steps to correct them before hackers are able to cause serious damage by exploiting them.

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How Long Does It Take To Conduct A Red Team Testing Engagement?

The overall time depends on the size and complexity of your assets. This includes your physical locations, the number of staff, type of infrastructure, etc.. That said, most tests take anywhere from two weeks to six weeks, start to finish.

How Much Does A Red Team Engagement Cost?

This isn’t an easy question to answer until some level of scoping has been performed.

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Overall, though, the number of locations and the objective will ultimately determine the cost of red team engagement. For example, when determining the work effort, we take the following into account: applications, networks, number of staff, number of target locations, goals, travel from locations, timeframe, etc.

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