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A Guide to Kerberoasting

History of Kerberoasting Kerberoasting is an attack that was discovered by Tim Medin in 2014, it allows a normal user in a Microsoft Windows Active…


Antivirus Bypass Techniques with Ntlmrelayx

On recent engagements I noticed that ntlmrelayx had become less effective due to modern antivirus stopping execution. I decided to see if I could determine…

Exploitation of the Java Debug Wire Protocol

JDWP Exploitation

Since 2014 several articles have appeared, specifically Christophe Alladoum’s excellent post for the IOActive blog [1], focused on the structure and exploitation of the Java…

The PlugBot: Hardware Botnet Research Project

The PlugBot Project

The PlugBot project is a security research project by RedTeam Security, led by Jeremiah Talamantes. It is designed to be a proof-of-concept / experimental foray…

The Social Engineer's Playbook

Social Engineer’s Playbook

The Social Engineer’s Playbook was written by RedTeam Security founder and CEO, Jeremiah Talamantes. It is a practical guide to pretexting and a collection of Social Engineering pretexts…

Red Team Coding


We are pleased to announce the release of a new security tool, AutoNessus, that allows greater ease of use and scheduling for Nessus. Our new…