RedTeam Security Pricing

We offer two easy ways to get RedTeam pricing information: self service or by consultation.

Option 1: Self Service Quote Via Email

Select the services you’re interested in using our self-service quote system powered by EchoQuote™. You’ll receive general pricing information via email quickly, typically within minutes. This tool is useful for planning and budgetary purposes. Use our self-service tool to obtain pricing information for:

  • Internal Network Penetration Testing up to 500 IP addresses
  • External Network Penetration Testing up to 500 IP addresses
  • Application Penetration Testing up to 1,000 dynamic pages
  • Social Engineering Via Email up to 2,000 targets
  • Social Engineering Via Phone up to 100 targets
  • Annual IT Audit and Penetration Test for Financial Institutions up to $800M in assets
  • HIPAA Gap Assessment and Penetration Test for Healthcare Providers and Business Associates up to 750 employees

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Option 2: Customized Proposal

Schedule a consultation with one of our security specialists to talk through your organization’s challenges and security needs. This method ensures you’ll receive the most accurate quote on our offensive security services. All network and application penetration testing engagements come with free remediation retesting with no time limits.

A consultation is required to receive a quote for:

  • Physical Security Testing
  • Social Engineering On-Site
  • Red Team Operations

We’re happy to talk through any of our other services with you, as well.

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