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Cryptocurrency Penetration Testing Hero
We offer three tiers of penetration testing for organizations that store, accept or transact with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Many experts predict the future of cryptocurrency is strong and that its value will increase. As the prevalence of cryptocurrency emerges, you want to be prepared. As with any other technology-based product, this doesn't mean it comes without risks. Contact us today at 612-234-7848 to learn more about our different levels of cryptocurrency penetration testing.

Cryptocurrency Service Packages

three tiers of penetration testing

Level A: Network And Application Penetration Testing

Level A includes network and application penetration testing for Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc. During cryptocurrency network and application penetration testing, our certified testers will seek to uncover and exploit vulnerabilities in your software, applications, networks, systems, hosts and devices. Our testing is approximately 20% automated, 80% manual, designed to most closely mimic the approach of an actual malicious party.

All findings are communicated in real-time through our dedicated client portal and presented in a written report. Reporting is accompanied by an online remediation knowledge base, and unlimited remediation testing at no additional cost.

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Level B: Network And Application Penetration Testing, Social Engineering

Level B includes the network and application penetration testing outlined in Level A, plus social engineering testing. During cryptocurrency social engineering testing, our testers employ email, telephone, and on-site tactics to test the susceptibility of your human assets to a malicious attack.

Targets may include employees, vendors, and stakeholders and attack vectors may include phishing, spearphishing, vishing, spoofing, impersonation and more.

Level C: Network And Application Penetration Testing, Social Engineering, Physical Penetration Testing

Level C includes the network and application penetration testing and social engineering testing outlined in Level B, plus physical security testing.

Physical attacks against cryptocurrency facilities are on the rise, with hackers targeting sales offices, Bitcoin ATMs, hardware storage facilities and even private residences. Physical penetration testing assesses how these and other physical assets would fare in the face of an attack.

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Cryptocurrency has been gaining traction over the past decade, and businesses using it need to ensure secure transactions. RedTeam Security has designed these different packages with understanding. Since cryptocurrency isn't widely prevalent just yet, all of our customers may not need intensified cryptocurrency penetration testing. Our individual service packages are designed so businesses can choose a level that meets both their needs and their price point. At each level of penetration testing, our processes are vigorous, and our certified testers will identify any weaknesses present based on each client's needs. To learn more, schedule your free virtual meeting with a RedTeam Security expert today at 612-234-7848.

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Use our Scoping Questionnaire to provide us with the necessary information to put together a proposal for you. Please be as thorough as possible with your responses, as it helps us ensure an accurate and complete proposal.
If you're interested in application penetration testing, you may find this article helpful when formulating your responses: Understanding Application Complexity For Penetration Testing.

If you have any questions, contact us at 612-234-7848 or schedule a meeting. We will follow up promptly once we receive your responses. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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Dedicated Client Portal

Interact in real-time with your RedTeam security professionals on our user-friendly client portal and see firsthand as the team closes in on your company data.

Certified Security Experts

Our trusted security professionals hold certifications from the leading industry organizations, including OSCP, CASS, CPT, CISSP and more.

Research-Focused Approach

We hold industry-leading certifications and dedicate part of every day to research the latest exploit techniques to ensure our clients remain protected from evolving online attacks.

Free Remediation Testing

Once your team addresses remediation recommendations, RedTeam will schedule your retest at no additional charge.