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Rigorous testing of Microsoft Azure cloud environment to uncover cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Benefits of Performing a RedTeam Security Microsoft Azure Penetration Test

Microsoft Azure Penetration Testing is simply testing assets (web applications, networks, and network devices) in the Azure environment. Azure encourages penetration testing of assets in their environment, however, penetration testers and clients must adhere to their rules of engagement. RedTeam Security does not intentionally violate these rules of engagement.

An Azure penetration test will look much like any other penetration test, it includes searching for vulnerabilities in Azure cloud environments in addition to on-premise ones and then attempting to exploit those vulnerabilities to assess the true risk to your organization. Our team will use many of the same tools and techniques as any network or web application penetration test. In addition, when reviewing Azure cloud security, some of the techniques we use will look a little different and we will often use special tools.

RedTeam Security’s cloud pen testing includes three different attack vectors within the Azure platform:

  • Testing Applications for flaws that could result in cloud environment compromise.
  • Testing the cloud network directly, whether the servers are set up as exclusively internal only or are hosting externally facing services exposed to the Internet.
  • Authenticated testing for misconfigurations within the Azure portal.
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The RedTeam Security Solution to Cloud Penetration Testing with Microsoft Azure

RedTeam Security uses PTES as the framework for our comprehensive standard network penetration testing, and our web application penetration testing focuses on identifying OWASP's Top 10 vulnerabilities.

During Azure penetration testing engagements, we utilize many of the same techniques employed for standard penetration testing engagements while also checking for Azure-specific misconfigurations and security vulnerabilities. These checks may include testing for publicly accessible storage accounts, improperly scoped Azure role-based access controls (RBACs), weak password policies, guest access, and seeking to penetrate on-premises Windows Active Directory systems synced to the cloud using Azure Active Directory Connect.

  • Testing Application Security on Cloud Platforms: Testing for applications that were originally on-premises and were migrated to Azure begins exactly as it would for a penetration test of on-premises systems. Tests for rehosted applications (and API's) or those lifted and shifted to Azure services are likely to have many similarities to tests of applications hosted on-premises. During testing, RedTeam Security will attempt to gain access to storage accounts and view their contents while recommending practices that will help your organization develop a roadmap toward implementing best storage security practices. We will also review the security and efficacy of managed and custom policies employed via Azure Web Application Firewall on Azure Application Gateway.
  • Testing Network Security in the Cloud: When performing testing on azure resources in the cloud, RedTeam Security will often use a VPN to gain access and begin scanning the network for vulnerabilities. In this phase of the engagement, RedTeam Security will assess the security of network technologies such as AzureFirewall, Azure VPN Gateway, and other bridging technologies that can provide access to the corporate network. RedTeam Security will attempt to gain access to networks by enumerating firewall rules, looking for weak passwords, and seeking to uncover weaknesses in virtual machine configurations.
  • Testing the Azure Portal: RedTeam Security will analyze the security configurations in the Azure Portal using a client provided test-user. Red Team will also assess Azure Role-Based Access Controls' security in use and other Azure security services, such as Azure Key Vault, Azure App Service, and Azure Automation.
  • Free ReTesting Included: RedTeam Security offers free retesting for all remediated vulnerabilities for our cloud penetration testing services, just as we do for our standard network and web application pen testing services. We not only identify and exploit vulnerabilities but help ensure they are fixed as well.

Our Methodology

Learn more about RedTeam Security's Azure Penetration Testing Methodology.


Our comprehensive Azure pen testing services will help you ensure that your cloud infrastructure is designed and configured according to best practices. The report will provide an analysis of the current state of your Azure environment (application security, network security, and Azure portal) and help you prioritize which vulnerabilities to consider for remediation first and how best to use your budget to maximize strength and resilience in your security posture.

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