Penetration testing, also known as pen testing, aims to identify an organization’s security vulnerabilities through a systematic testing process. A penetration test may focus on your networks, applications, physical facilities, human assets and more.

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing, also known as pen testing, aims to identify an organization’s security vulnerabilities through a systematic testing process. A penetration test may focus on your networks, applications, physical facilities, human assets, and more.

These days, almost all businesses have concerns about the growing number of cyber threats to network security, web applications, devices, servers, peripherals, and even people and physical buildings. Sometimes shortened to pen test, penetration testing describes an effective method to identify real-world cybersecurity issues before they occur and just as important, how to fix them.

If businesses leave these problems undetected, criminals and other malicious parties could exploit vulnerabilities to gain access to sensitive information or even take over entire systems. Here at RedTeam Security, our penetration testing includes simulated cyber-attacks, all developed by highly trained information security experts. Not only will Red Team pen testing uncover and document cybersecurity problems, but the security assessment will also provide risk assessments and effective security controls to eliminate vulnerabilities. To schedule a free consultation with RedTeam Security professionals, contact us online or call 612-234-7848.

Our Methodology

When you build your security strategy, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The same goes for penetration testing. You may have strong knowledge of your weaknesses and have addressed them in some areas, but need help in others. A penetration test may focus on your networks, web and mobile applications, IoT devices, physical facilities, human assets, or other facets of your organization. An experienced information security professional can help detect any holes in your security controls.

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What are the Types of Penetration Testing?

Network Penetration Testing Services

Possessing strong network security is critical, and performing internal network and external network penetration testing on your infrastructure will uncover any network and system-level flaws. This includes, but is not limited to, misconfigurations, wireless network vulnerabilities, rogue services, product-specific vulnerabilities, weak passwords, and protocols. You’ll see exactly what would happen if a bad actor were to breach your existing network security.

Cloud Penetration Testing Services

When networks and web applications are in the cloud, it is still essential to ensure their security. This would generally include a penetration test. While testing in the cloud is very similar to a hosted network or application penetration test, some additional testing is specific to each environment. Both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) provide powerful tools to manage configurations and security. If the configurations are not done correctly, there could be unexpected vulnerabilities in the environment. Learn more about our Microsoft Azure Penetration Testing and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Penetration Testing.

Web Application Pen Testing Services

Focused web application penetration testing will help you uncover application layer flaws and misconfiguration such as cross-site request forgery, injection flaws, weak session management, cross-site scripting, insecure direct object references, and more. Our pen testers will dig out exploitable vulnerabilities in your web apps before cybercriminals do.

These days, web application security is necessary, but it’s often hard to get it right when you’re juggling many other aspects of development. Our application security testers are experienced software developers and understand applications from both the development and security perspectives. About 80% of our application pen testing is manual testing with the remaining 20% performed using automated testing methods.

Wireless Pen Testing Services

A wireless assessment can tell you which Wi-Fi devices exist within your environment and if your environment aligns with industry best practices. With more in-depth testing, an assessment can also examine the wireless infrastructure, performance, and security of an organization's existing wireless network(s). Doing so helps you gain a full understanding of the environments’ strengths and weaknesses. Once armed with that information, intelligent decisions can be made for improvements to weak areas of performance.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing Services

Mobile has grown to become an essential component of any business strategy. It’s no longer a novelty but a necessity. Bad actors know this and will relentlessly pursue ways to infiltrate both iOS and Android systems to uncover weaknesses. Our penetration testers will take an in-depth look into what operating systems your organization uses and the apps associated with them. Then they’ll simulate real-world attacks to uncover any susceptibilities associated with your organization’s mobile use.

IoT and Internet-Aware Device Testing

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been a game-changer in many ways because it offers businesses and consumers a high level of convenience. Unfortunately, convenience often comes with tradeoffs because it usually entails new security risks. Pentesting for IoT and internet-aware devices help to uncover those vulnerabilities so you can put stronger protective measures in place. Testers will look at hardware and software flaws, including, but not limited to, weak passwords, insecure protocols, insecure APIs, insecure communication channels, misconfigurations, and product-specific vulnerabilities.

Physical Pen Testing Services

You might install top-notch physical security controls such as locks, sensors, smartcards, cameras, and mantraps, but criminals will always try to stay one step ahead of you. That’s where physical pen testing comes in. Physical Penetration testers will look at all aspects of your physical facility, inside and out, to make certain your processes and physical protections would circumvent criminals trying to gain access to exploit your building or the people working within it.

Social Engineering Pen Testing Services

Social engineering is a classic tactic a criminal will use to exploit people, processes, and procedures. Manipulation is the name of their game, and these fraudsters can be very convincing, even fooling the most conscientious employees, vendors, or other stakeholders into divulging sensitive information. Social engineering penetration testing includes email phishing, telephone vishing, SMS phishing, and onsite in-person social engineering. You’d be surprised at the types of ruses criminals will devise to steal sensitive data. Testers will uncover any human susceptibilities so they can be addressed.

Understanding the true strengths and weaknesses is one of the goals of performing different vulnerability assessments. With each form of security testing, our ethical hackers will replicate how malicious attackers would target you by setting up tests to simulate an actual attack surface. You’ll see first-hand what would happen if a cybercriminal were to breach any component of your organization and, if vulnerabilities are found, we’ll provide remediation advice.

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