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PCI Penetration Testing

Test technical and operational components to ensure payment and cardholder data security systems and processes are Standards compliant.


Any business accepting or processing payment cards needs to comply with the PCI, or Payment Card Industry, Data Security Standards. This means maintaining a secure network, protecting cardholder data, managing vulnerabilities, implementing strong access control measures, and regularly monitoring and testing networks.

RedTeam Security PCI penetration testing identifies exploitable vulnerabilities before cybercriminals are able to discover and exploit them. PCI penetration testing will reveal real-world opportunities hackers might use to compromise POS devices, payment software, firewalls and more.

This type of assessment is an attack simulation carried out by our highly trained security consultants in an effort to:

  • Identify PCI Data Security flaws present in the environment
  • Understand your organization’s level of risk
  • Help address and fix identified flaws

RedTeam Security PCI penetration testers have experience developing software —not just trying to break it. As a result of our penetration tests, you’ll be able to view your payment security posture through the eyes of both a hacker and an experienced developer to discover where you can improve. Our consultants produce findings in written reports and provide your team with the guidance necessary to effectively remediate any issues we uncover.


  • PCI Standards

    PCI Security Standards do more than protect your organization from cyber threats. These standards also secure the entire payment card ecosystem. One breach can cause a business to lose credibility (and business), but the fallout stretches industry-wide with trust faltering for other merchants or financial institutions, too.

    Penetration testing to confirm PCI Security Standards compliance can help identify vulnerabilities before cybercriminals discover and exploit them.

    RedTeam Security PCI penetration testing simulates real-world attacks to ensure payment industry health and trustworthiness. This type of assessment:

    • Identifies PCI Security Standards flaws
    • Outlines an organization’s level of risk
    • Reports and helps fix identified flaws


    RedTeam Security PCI penetration testers offer you a fresh view of your payment security posture–through the eyes of experts who can bring both a hacker and an experienced developer mindset to the testing. Our consultants also produce findings in written reports and provide the necessary guidance to effectively remediate any issues uncovered.

  • PCI-DSS Requirements

    The Payment Card Industry (PCI) can be a lucrative one–unfortunately that’s true for both legitimate and illegitimate users. That’s what PCI requirements seek to address. Yet maintaining payment security standards can be challenging, particularly as the merchant or financial institution aims to find the best balance between security and operational needs.

    Cybercriminals are highly motivated and the threat landscape is ever evolving. It’s up to the merchant, financial institution, or vendor to keep up with PCI requirements to patch, fix, or deploy new software, firewalls, or other mechanisms to secure infrastructure in the face of fresh security vulnerabilities.

    PCI DSS Requirements

    The PCI Security Standards Council outlines the following Data Security Standards, also called the PCI DSS, to maintain payment security. If your organization uses payment devices, applications and infrastructure, it’s required that you:

    • Build and Maintain a Secure Network
    • Protect Cardholder Data
    • Maintain a Vulnerability Management Program
    • Implement Strong Access Control Measures
    • Regularly Monitor and Test Networks
    • Maintain an Information Security Policy
  • Penetration Testing

    RedTeam Security’s PCI penetration testing service utilizes a comprehensive, risk-based approach. We will  identify critical vulnerabilities that exist at merchants, financial institutions, or other entities that store, process, or transmit cardholder data.

    PCI penetration testing involves:

    1. Information Gathering
    2. Threat Modeling
    3. Vulnerability Analysis
    4. Exploitation
    5. Post-Exploitation
    6. Reporting

    RedTeam’s industry-standard method assesses and validates PCI standards compliance. This includes examining adherence to PCI external scanning requirements, assessing device configurations and point-to-point encryption for PCI-DSS compliance and more. With trained, qualified RedTeamers testing your payment processes, applications (and dependent software), you’ll not only minimize risk, but also gain the guidance to remediate any issues.

    Manual Testing vs Automated Testing

    RedTeam’s approach consists of about 80% manual testing and about 20% automated testing – actual results may vary slightly. While automated testing enables efficiency, it is effective in providing efficiency only during the initial phases of a penetration test. At RedTeam Security, it is our belief that an effective and comprehensive penetration test can only be realized through rigorous manual testing techniques.


    In order to perform a comprehensive real-world assessment, RedTeam Security utilizes commercial tools, internally developed tools, and the same tools that bad actors might use to access and exploit payment data. Once again, our intent is to assess systems by simulating a real-world attack. We leverage the many tools at our disposal to effectively carry out that task.


    We consider the reporting phase to mark the beginning of our relationship. RedTeam strives to provide the best possible customer experience and service. As a result, our report makes up only a small part of our deliverable. We provide clients with an online remediation knowledge base, dedicated remediation staff, and a ticketing system to close the ever-important gap in the remediation process following the reporting phase.

    We exist to not only find vulnerabilities, but also to fix them.

    Remediation & Re-testing

    Simply put, our objective is to help you meet PCI requirements, not just point to areas of noncompliance. As a result, remediation re-testing is always provided at no additional cost.


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