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Partner with RedTeam Security

Ready to Join Forces?
RedTeam Security is proud to be rolling out our first-ever partnership program. We recognize that your clients routinely ask about pen testing capabilities, and we want to help.

With our diverse service offerings in threat prevention, we know we can meet the needs of any of your clients. Regardless of industry or company size, our work delivers on the quality you and your clients depend on. We extend the same level of care and expertise you provide to your clients on each pen testing engagement. 

What Does Partnership Mean to Us?

Being a partner means working together to reach a common goal. For us, that goal is to identify threats and vulnerabilities to prevent a breach. Our partners play an invaluable role in achieving that goal, enabling our reach to extend far beyond our immediate team. Like businesses, partnerships are continually evolving, which is why we stay in continuous communication with our partners to ensure proper training, support, and consistent deliverables. Together, we go above and beyond to leave clients in a defensible position with a clear and more secure path forward.

Why Become a RedTeam Security Partner?

 As an approved RedTeam Security partner, you bring industry-leading solutions in threat prevention to your clients. Backed by our team of certified professionals, our partners are empowered with the resources, knowledge, and support they need to be successful.