Welcome to the second in a long awaited series of videos on how to get started with the PlugBot. Please see video #1 in this series if you have not already viewed it.

The PlugBot is a research tool developed by us and heavily used during our red team operations. It’s designed to be a rogue device primarily used to establish remote persistence within a target (once it’s been physically deployed) and enable the execution of tools (ie: nmap, Nessus), scripts (ie: Responder.py), exploits, etc. Once physical infiltration has been made, it allows the consultant (aka Attacker) to quickly deploy it and exit while providing an advanced platform for pivoting and exploitation once she’s left the building.

Multiple bots within the PlugBot botnet are managed through a centralized GUI where tools, scripts, exploits can be executed remotely as well as be installed remotely. We hope you find these videos useful and thank you for watching!

For more information, see our PlugBot Research Project page.