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Offensive Cybersecurity FAQs Offensive Cybersecurity FAQs

  • Why Does My Business Need Penetration Testing?

    Cyber-attacks continue to plague organizations and can cost a pretty penny. According to a recent report from IBM and the Ponemon Institute, a data breach cost an average of $3.86 million in 2020. Aside from the actual cost, you need to consider compliance issues and penalties that often accompany system compromises, along with damages that don't have a dollar amount attached but are costly nonetheless. Benefits you'll derive from comprehensive security testing include:

    • Identifying your vulnerabilities before cybercriminals do and plugging any security holes before a person with unlawful intentions finds them.
    • Reducing your network downtime and avoiding the high costs of being offline for extended periods of time if a cyberattack were to occur.
    • Contributing to your overall security posture and strategy by building stronger protective measures to circumvent any exploitation of technology assets, including invaluable and irreplaceable data.
    • Ensuring your organization meets government and industry compliance rules, not adhering to requirements, or failing to have an acceptable incident response can lead to severe financial consequences.
    • Maintaining the public's trust by building your organization's reputation of good security practices, positioning yourself as a security-conscious company.

    Being exploited by individuals with unauthorized access is expensive. Even one security event can do extensive damage to your business. Consider the aftermath of just one phishing incident, one PCI compliance failure, or an employee inadvertently sharing information with a person fraudulently presenting themselves as someone they're not. Any of these events highlights deficiencies in your security controls. Best to beat them to it.

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