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Offensive Cybersecurity FAQs Offensive Cybersecurity FAQs

  • What is Physical Penetration Testing?

    Physical pentesting simulates real-world scenarios where criminals attempt to compromise your physical security barriers with the intent to access your buildings, systems, and even your employees' knowledge.

    Our physical pentesting methodology is comprised of several phases and each and every test is conducted consistently using globally accepted and industry-standard frameworks. To ensure a sound and comprehensive physical security test, RedTeam leverages industry-standard frameworks as a foundation for carrying out penetration tests. At a minimum, the underlying framework is based on the NIST Special Publication 800 Series guidance and OSSTMM but goes beyond the initial framework itself.

    RedTeam's expert pentesters will carefully examine both your physical surroundings and internal environment to identify potential weaknesses. We'll also spot any potential vulnerabilities that may exist in your established security controls so you can employ additional countermeasures.

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