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Offensive Cybersecurity FAQs Offensive Cybersecurity FAQs

  • How Will My Business Benefit From Penetration Testing Services?

    Are you ready to receive an honest security assessment? RedTeam Security has been helping our clients eliminate cybersecurity vulnerabilities and threats since 2008. Whether you're simply looking to implement stronger security measures or beef up your current security program, our various testing methods can help you achieve your objective. Our team holds many professional certifications, including CISSP, OSWP, CPT, CASS, CSSA, and OSCP.

    Our penetration testers will thoroughly examine your technology and physical environments and pinpoint any human weaknesses in your operational protocols. About 80% of our penetration testing is manual testing, with 20% being automated. Our vigorous testing processes and attack simulations will uncover any vulnerabilities to ensure you can plug any security holes.

    You want to maintain your reputation as a reliable and trustworthy organization or business. Employing a penetration testing methodology can help you to do this.

    The benefits associated with penetration testing are many:
    • Provides an in-depth analysis of your current cybersecurity position.
    • Gain insight into any existing vulnerabilities.
    • Learn remediation strategies to reduce exposure to any identified vulnerabilities.

    Along with your test results, our penetration testers will give you all of the information you need to make more informed decisions about your past, current, and potentially future security vulnerabilities that exist within the framework of your web applications. If you use open source applications, we'll pentest weaknesses within their source code as well. We'll help you to develop good strategies to protect all of your web applications.

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