Fun! Tribal. 1337. Collaborative. Fast-paced. Casual.
Un-corporate environment that mandates individuality

Our culture is fun, tribal, relaxed, casual but also very fast-paced and professional. As a company, we’re made up of musicians, authors, hackers, speakers, adventurers, professors, gamers and most of all… people. In essence, our culture is a┬árepresentation of us as people as a whole, ever-changing and exciting.

Most, if not all of us, have come from rigid, straight and narrow corporate environments. RedTeam Security is all about turning that mindset upside down and allow for thinkers to think about new and innovative ways to problem solve while at the same time deliver incredible customer experiences. This is at the core of who and what we are.

We appreciate awesome people. So if you are driven to help people and the business they own and work for, then you’ll fit right in here.┬áDiversity, new ideas, open minds, innovation and delivering exceptional service experiences hit the top of the list here!

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