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If Your Password Looks Like This, You’re in Big Trouble

123456. Qwerty. Letmein. Is one of these your password? If it is, you’re in big trouble! But even if you didn’t…

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Red Team Like a Boss and Train With Us in June!

We are pleased to say that our April session for Full-Force Red Team Training went great with a SOLD OUT group….

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RedTeam Security Book Makes Top 10 Must-Reads by TechWorm

Thank you TechWorm for adding our book to this awesome list of Information Security Professional must-reads! 10 Must-Read Books For Information…

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Career Advice on Red Teaming, Social Engineering and Penetration Testing?

We get lots and LOTS of people contacting us daily about career advice and jobs at RedTeam. As a company, we…

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Hacked by the Houston Chronicle
HACKED – A Houston Chronicle Energy Sector Cybersecurity Series Featuring RedTeam Security

The Houston Chronicle reached out to us recently for an up-close look into how we carry out Red Team Operations, particularly…

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Over 3.5 Million Views For Our Red Team Video

Wow, 3.5 million views on alone. What a great milestone! We couldn’t have achieved this without our courageous client’s commitment…

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Fox 9 Minneapolis Features RedTeam Security Hacking a Small Company in Investigative Report

Fox 9 Minneapolis asked us to hack a small Minneapolis business to demonstrate our unique service offering and bring about security awareness…

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5 Effective Social Engineering Elicitation Techniques

According to the definition by the FBI, elicitation is a technique used to discreetly gather information. That is to say, elicitation…

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RedTeam To Release PyPhishing Tool at ArticCon – Red Teaming Conference

ArticCon is a security conference by Red Teamers, for Red Teamers. Matt Grandy, a security consultant with RedTeam Security, will be…

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Business RadioX Interviews RedTeam Security President

RedTeam Security’s President, Jeremiah Talamantes, was interviewed by Atlanta’s Business RadioX. Check out the full-length interview at the link below. I…

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