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Red Team Like a Boss and Train With Us in June!

We are pleased to say that our April session for Full-Force Red Team Training went great with a SOLD OUT group….

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Career Advice on Red Teaming, Social Engineering and Penetration Testing?

We get lots and LOTS of people contacting us daily about career advice and jobs at RedTeam. As a company, we…

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Hacked by the Houston Chronicle
HACKED – A Houston Chronicle Energy Sector Cybersecurity Series Featuring RedTeam Security

The Houston Chronicle reached out to us recently for an up-close look into how we carry out Red Team Operations, particularly…

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Over 3.5 Million Views For Our Red Team Video

Wow, 3.5 million views on alone. What a great milestone! We couldn’t have achieved this without our courageous client’s commitment…

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API Enumeration with RedTeam Security’s Tool: pURL

One of the most painstaking aspects to performing a penetration test against an API is getting all the requests loaded into…

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WEBINAR: 5 Quick Wins On Your Next Penetration Test

We’ve expanded a previous blog post 5 Quick Wins On Your Next Penetration Test and made it into an interactive “how-to” webinar…

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5 Quick Wins On Your Next Penetration Test

We always encourage a penetration test to be as much of as an accurate representation of the true state of operations…

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Security Vulnerability Reporting Your Way (XML, CSV, PDF)

Many organizations, large or small, have GRC (Governance, Risk Management and Compliance) systems that manage findings from penetration tests, vulnerability assessments,…

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The PlugBot: Hardware Botnet Research Project

The PlugBot project is a security research project by RedTeam Security, led by Jeremiah Talamantes. It is designed to be a…

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RedTeam Teaches University Penetration Testing Class

RedTeam Security will be teaching Penetration Testing I at Norwich University’s Graduate School for Information Security & Assurance beginning in March…

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