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Identifying Internal And External Network Vulnerabilities With Mall Of America Hero Image

About The Client

Mall Of America is one of the top retail and entertainment destinations in North America, with more than 500 stores, 13,000 employees and 40 million visitors a year.


Mall Of America's networks serve thousands of employees and ensure a smooth customer experience for millions of guests. The company needed a trusted security partner to identify vulnerabilities and provide guidance for remediation while keeping the organization current on its testing schedule.

Regular penetration testing is important because the world of cyber vulnerabilities is ever-evolving. Penetration testing examines the effectiveness of your security controls in realtime, in the closest simulation possible to an actual human-driven attack.


RedTeam partnered with Mall Of America for a multi-year testing partnership, conducting internal and external penetration testing annually for three years. Unlike automated scanning, which can identify some vulnerability issues, RedTeam's penetration testing approach consists of 80% manual testing. Manual testing more closely mirrors an attack by an actual bad actor and uses the same tools commercially and personally available to such a party.

Mall of America leveraged the results of our scans and penetration tests to identify key vulnerabilities, prioritize, address and re-test them. Our remediation testing is always 100% and has no time limit attached.

Hear What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Friendly, Professional, and Knowledgeable
    "Saint Paul College hired Red Team consultants to perform Web Applications vulnerability scanning and assessment. It was one of best group of people I worked with - from beginning to the end. Everyone I worked with was extremely cooperative, friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. They understand IT security very well. They worked around our schedules, were available when we needed them, and always on time. My staff and I thoroughly enjoyed our relationship with them. The consultants were focused/committed, pointed out the vulnerabilities and worked with my team to remediate them. Red Team also gave us detailed report about each web application. In all, it was a great experience working with Red Team and we will not hesitate to hire them again if needed.

    -Najam Saeed, CIO, Saint Paul College, Saint Paul, MN

  • Reliable and Consistent Communication
    "I hired RedTeam to do both a Network Penetration test and a Social Engineering test on my organization. From start to finish in building our relationship and contract plan all the way through the execution of both of our tests they were helpful, insightful, proactive in reaching out to me, and thorough in their follow up. During the tests I was in constant contact with their testers, getting results as they discovered them along with the full and detailed report afterwards. They not only found my issues, but gave me a very helpful and detailed guide to remedy the issues afterwards. I am going to continue my relationship with them. If you are looking for network testing I cannot recommend them enough."

    -Trevor Keller

  • Highly Skilled Team
    "Contacted RedTeam to do a penetration test. I was very impressed with their ability to perform, not only from a vulnerability analysis, but true "Pen" test to identify REAL risks. Was very impressed with their highly skilled people and resources."

    -Donald Schleede