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Fast Tracking A Secure Application Launch With Parking Panda Hero

About The Client

Parking Panda is an online parking service that allows drivers to find and reserve parking spots in advance. In addition to helping drivers via mobile and web apps, the company also helps parking garage owners manage their inventory.


Parking Panda needed to ensure its web application was secure before going live with an important partner. The company only learned the specifics of the security requirements a few weeks before the intended launch date. They needed a team that could conduct an application penetration test on a relatively small budget and on a very aggressive timeline.


RedTeam got to work immediately on an application penetration testing operation, which was customized to ensure Parking Panda's app complied with all necessary security requirements. We were able to meet the company's deadline to ensure they went live with their key partner on time and within budget.

Client Feedback

Communication was excellent throughout the sales process and as the testing got started. We are very satisfied with the speed and quality of RedTeam Security’s penetration testing. We had an absurdly short timeline to get it accomplished and a very important partner that needed it done, and you guys came through for us perfectly.
Jonathan Weiss, Director of Engineering