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Ensuring a Comprehensive Security Program Through Testing With Local Government

About the Client

The client is a top bank in the Midwest that provides various products and services in consumer finance.


RedTeam Security was engaged to perform a comprehensive, offensive security campaign against the client's external facing IPs and web applications, internal network, employees, and physical locations to assess their overall risks and identify areas where they need to focus additional resources. This testing assessed the effectiveness of their employee training and physical and technical protections.


Several potentially serious technical vulnerabilities were identified, and RedTeam Security worked with the client's management and technical staff to quantify the potential impact to the organization, develop a remediation plan, and later perform retesting of remediated findings. In addition, areas to focus on for additional employee training were identified, and additional physical protections and procedure changes were implemented.


After the engagement, the client used their project reports, which outlined findings, to immediately implement the suggested remediation efforts, resulting in an empowered team with a much more robust physical and technical security perimeter. Every engagement with RedTeam Security provides clients with:

  • A clear understanding of the effectiveness of their existing information security program, training, monitoring, and system updating to keep things current.
  • How well their vendors manage the security posture of networks and web applications (for those with a 3rd party IT vendor).
  • A statement of assurance to provide to their customers that they are doing everything they should to keep their data and systems secure.

All identifying information has been changed to protect our clients and ensure absolute confidentiality.

Hear What Our Clients Are Saying

"RedTeam exemplifies the knowledge, commitment, and business aligned services that empowers organizations, large and small, to navigate the increasingly complex and dangerous threat landscape."

Jake D.