Maintaining Integrity Of Critical Applications With Edmentum

Application Penetration Testing Case Study

We have worked closely with RedTeam on similar audits in the past and we’ve always been very happy with the thoroughness and quality of the work performed, as well as how the results were presented.


About The Client

Edmentum is a leading provider of online learning programs. Through a series of web-based applications, the platform strives to help educators achieve better student outcomes from pre-K to adult students.

The Challenge

Edmentum is committed to performing third-party security audits on a regular basis to ensure the integrity of its networks and systems. In our most recent engagement, RedTeam was tasked with penetration testing one of Edmentum’s major web applications to identify any critical exploitable vulnerabilities.

The Solution

During testing, RedTeam identified a critical vulnerability in Edmentum’s application. The organization was able to immediately take action to address the findings in code and re-deploy its assets to production to patch the vulnerability.



Edmentum, Inc.


Bloomington, MN




Service Received

Web Application Penetration Testing Network Penetration Testing Social Engineering
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Client Feedback

“RedTeam helped us understand our security weaknesses and how to bridge the gaps. We’re very satisfied with the level of thoroughness, the delivery of results in a very easy to digest format, the constant communication, and the fact that you were always available to answer questions after the fact. The deliverables met and in many cases exceeded our expectations.” -Rene Herteux, IT & DCO Operations Director