RedTeam Security to Present At NolaCon 2015

NolaCon 2015

We are pleased to announce that RedTeam Security’s Jeremiah Talamantes will be presenting at NolaCon 2015 in June. The conference is notorious for gathering the brightest minds in the information security industry and the digital underground, together, under one roof.

About NolaCon 2015

NolaCon is an Information Security/Hacker conference for professionals and enthusiasts alike located in New Orleans, offering training as well as interesting and inventive sessions and workshops. The sessions will cover a variety of topics focused on today’s infosec climate, but malware, exploits, vulnerabilities, social engineering, and forensics are sure to be on the schedule.

Both a lockpick village (hosted by TOOOL) and a hardware village will be available for people who want to take a break from the sessions, sit down and learn (or improve) a skill. And there will be lots of social opportunities at the Con, including some great music.

We also have new and exciting training for 2015, this year the training options include 2 and 4-day PenTesting classes, a 2-day Physical PenTesting class, and a 2-day Powershell PenTesting class.

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