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Red Team Training Full Force
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Full-Force Red Teaming: Physical Intrusion, Social Engineering, Penetration Testing

Red Teaming Paradigm:
Red Teaming Paradigm: Technical, People & Physical

From the team who brought you, “Hacking the Grid,” we are pleased to offer Full-Force Red Team Training over a 5-day period. Students will be breaking into offices/buildings (legally, of course) while leveraging their newly found skills: lock picking, RFID cloning, door bypassing and camera evasion, etc. They will be social engineering unknowing, but real human targets (in person, by phone, by email) and hacking into computers in our lab environment.

We’ve meticulously crafted a training simulation unlike any other, that mirrors a full Red Team Operation as close to real life as possible — lifted from our own professional exploits (Link 1, Link 2, Link 3, Link 4, Link 5).

Real Targets. Real People. Training With a Plot and a Purpose.

Onsite Redteaming
Redteam Scouring An Actual Target’s Desk For Sensitive Documents

We have created a simulated world with a fake Critical Infrastructure energy company complete with employee profiles, real phone numbers, real email addresses, real social media accounts and real physical offices to make this training as realistic as possible. To add to the realism, some unknowing participants (targets) will be involved. The students’ goal is to conduct a Red Team Operation in an effort to compromise the target company via three (3) domains:  Technically, Socially and Physically. Each of the three domains of the operation, if carried out successfully, will provide enough information to advance to the next domain. Each domain requires the student to pass a series of security challenges. If they reach the final domain, physical access, they must solve physical security challenges to get physical access the objective, “the big red button,” located inside a secure office. There is no security training like this available anywhere.

Red Team Security Training Syllabus

Red Team Training Syllabus
Red Team Security Training Syllabus

Have a deeper look into the day by day training breakdown. Four of the five days involves full-training exercises (FTX). Students put into practice what they learn throughout the day’s lectures via a capture the flag approach. They become fully immersed in this engaging 5-day session.

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To arm, educate and ‘level up’ the next generation of penetration testers, red teamers, blue teamers and all around security professionals. White hats are losing this game. We all need something more.

  • Covert entry exercise on a real physical office (pretext planning and execution, lock picking, etc)
  • Penetration testing for red team operations (adjacent attack surface planning)
  • System exploitation, web app exploitation, pivoting, information gathering, etc.
  • Social engineering real human targets (face-to-face, spear phishing, telephone)
  • Capture-the-flag (CTF) approach (physical flags, social flags, digital flags)
  • Hosted in St. Paul, MN at Union Depot in the Gateway Room
  • Realistic story plot is interwoven into the entire operation
  • 5-days long with 8 hour days
Over 15% off the April session for early registrations – REGISTER NOW, offer expires March 14th

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