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Cyber security & cloud congress(virtual)
day 2: securing the future


RedTeam Security (Speaker, Sponsor, Exhibitor)

1:40 p.m. CST
Hackers for Hire Reveal Attacker Secrets to Combat Threats
Speaker: Brian Halbach, Security Consultant
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Session Abstract

Cyber mercenaries show how an attacker would exploit a company to gain access to their network and data, the lifeblood of their business. Cloud environments are no exception. While they provide a relatively simple and reliable way for companies to host their services, the new infrastructure, and network dynamics come with unchartered attack paths and new security risks.

In this session you will discover:
  • Why COVID-abandoned buildings bring new security risks
  • How future cybercriminals will optimize multiple attack vectors to access your Cloud environment
  • New defensive tactics to protect your organization from advanced emerging threats

As ethical hackers and pen testers, we know it's more important now than ever before to properly test cloud environments. 94% of enterprises already use a cloud service, and this number is expected to grow 35% this year alone. Cloud environments provide a relatively simple and reliable way for companies to reduce the need to purchase additional hardware to host their services. But with new infrastructure and network dynamics come unknown risks and attack paths. Testing the assumptions made about a company's security and overall cybersecurity posture of their cloud environment are essential components of maintaining good security hygiene and are, in many cases, also required by law.

Because our clients' security programs have matured, we recognize a need to provide more advanced security solutions to challenge an organization's existing defenses against a simulated real-world attack. Advanced Adversary Simulation and Red Teaming allow organizations the ability to heighten their existing program with new techniques. Malicious actors are continuously improving their attack methods, and organizations need to be able to respond in kind.

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Cloud Penetration Testing Resources

  AWS Penetration Testing Our comprehensive AWS security testing includes:
  • Testing application security for flaws that could result in cloud environment compromise.
  • Testing the cloud network directly, whether the servers are set up as exclusively internal only or are hosting externally-facing services exposed to the Internet.
  • Testing for misconfigurations within the AWS account's management console (Includes a review of IAM users, groups, roles, policies, and essential services they may have access to).
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  Azure Penetration Testing Our cloud pen testing includes three different attack vectors within the Azure platform:
  • Testing Applications for flaws that could result in cloud environment compromise.
  • Testing the cloud network directly, whether the servers are set up as exclusively internal only or are hosting externally facing services exposed to the Internet.
  • Authenticated testing for misconfigurations within the Azure portal.
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