Announcing A New Partnership With InteProIQ

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It happens more than we’d like. RedTeam’s penetration testers send a bogus phishing email and one of your employees takes the bait. They unknowingly let us inside your networks, systems, and applications with a simple click.

Maybe it’s the last person on your team you’d expect to fall for this type of scam. Who else might be susceptible?

We share your concern and are pleased to announce a new partnership with training firm InteProIQ that brings access to their award-winning training directly to RedTeam clients. InteProIQ specializes in cybersecurity awareness training for employees.

Recipient of a prestigious 2017 MarCom Award, InteProIQ is internationally renowned for its excellence in elevating awareness of cybersecurity safety through effective communication. Now, when RedTeam flags a need for remediation training, InteProIQ will be at the ready with proven education programs to correct your vulnerabilities.

The human factor represents both the greatest weakness and the most impressive opportunity when it comes to cybersecurity. Bringing the employee education component in line with RedTeam’s expert attack simulation strategies offers our customers a complete line of defense.

Ready to find out where your employee base stands when it comes to cybersecurity readiness? Schedule a conversation with RedTeam and let’s get the ball rolling.

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