Wireless Penetration Testing

It’s uncommon nowadays that an organization does not have some form of wireless network. But merely enabling wireless connectivity within an organization is not the same as deploying a wireless network. The differences in these tasks often lead to improperly configured environments, which can impact employees’ productivity, network security, or data present in the environment.

A modern and secure wireless network needs to be user-friendly and handle the business’s demands. It needs to be able to balance security with productivity.  By doing so, organizations could decrease costs, increase collaboration among employees, and enhance customer service experiences. Ultimately, this leads to increased revenue and an overall improved work experience for both employees and customers. To reach these goals, careful planning is essential. Any effective planning should begin with a detailed wireless security assessment for your organization.

On its simplest of levels, a wireless assessment can tell you which Wi-Fi devices exist within your environment and if your environment aligns with industry best practices. With more in-depth testing, an assessment can also examine the wireless infrastructure, performance, and security of an organization's existing wireless network(s). Doing so helps you gain a full understanding of the environments’ strengths and weaknesses. Once armed with that information, intelligent decisions can be made for improvements to weak areas of performance.

RedTeam Security’s wireless penetration tests are all-encompassing. Our staff starts by taking a holistic approach when examining your environment.  We work with your team to identify and scope a customized assessment to meet your organization's specific needs.

Beyond the rudimentary “unauthorized access” testing methodology that other security organizations offer as part of a wireless assessment, RedTeam digs deeper.

In addition to making sure only authorized access is possible, we examine the following in-depth:

  • Rogue Access Point Detection - RedTeam Security will work with your team to validate any alerting mechanisms you have or may need to detect unauthorized Access Points in your environment correctly.
  • Encryption Key and Password Strength - RedTeam will help your team gauge the strength and complexity of your wireless keys and their ability to be ‘brute force’ or dictionary cracked.
  • RF Signal Leakage - Working with your team, we can identify areas of signal bleed over or weak access areas internally within your organization. 
  • Network segmentation Like a miniature internal network penetration test, our team will identify any weak areas between your wireless environments and physical networks that may need to be addressed.
  • Egress filtering -  By doing a packet-level examination, RedTeam can help your organization identify any specific protocols or ports that establish outward connections from within your wireless environment.
  • Captive portal testing - If your organization uses captive portals as a part of your wireless infrastructure, RedTeam will conduct basic testing against your application to ensure its integrity and security. 

Here at RedTeam Security, we understand that your organization's security, performance, and productivity are too important to rely on simple guesswork. A security services vendor with a proven track record and experience in assessing all the critical needs of an organization's environment, including their business goals, can be an invaluable partner.  RedTeam Security offers a wide variety of assessments and consulting engagements to ensure your organization meets its goals while maintaining peak productivity.

Many CEOs and Executives have been quoted saying, “We don’t know what we don’t know." This statement will forever reign true within any environment. So why not contact RedTeam Security today and allow us to help you identify your “unknowns''. Call (612) 234-7848 for a free consultation with Penetration Testing expert today.

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