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Advanced Adversary Simulation
Advanced Adversary Simulation

What is Advanced Adversary Simulation?

Advanced Adversary Simulation is a next-level engagement designed to examine how organizations' security tool suites are properly installed, monitored, and maintained.

Benefits of Performing Advanced Adversary Simulation Through RedTeam Security

RedTeam Security's Advanced Adversary Simulation testing engagements are designed for organizations that have developed mature cybersecurity programs and are looking to comprehensively test the controls they have in place that protect their most sensitive information.

If you are considering this type of Advanced Adversary Simulation engagement, one or more of the following should be true for your organization:

  • Have an information security program in place.
  • Perform penetration testing every year.
  • Must meet regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Conduct routine social engineering exercises (phishing or vishing).
  • Want to expand our security testing capabilities.

Our Advanced Adversary Simulation tests your protection of the most important information your company possesses. It tests your preparedness to combat and detect real-world attacks on your company's networks and applications that are focused on obtaining the most critical information or maintaining that critical technology. Attack simulation will exercise your procedures and technical protections just as a real-world attacker would. It provides your leadership with an independent evaluation of your perceived protections.

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The RedTeam Security Solution to Advanced Adversary Simulation

Through a series of simulated cyber-attacks, testers observe what steps are taken threat intelligence teams to pinpoint, isolate and defuse attacks. These Advanced Adversary Simulation tests are goal-driven, methodical and calculated attacks. They are designed to take more time than a typical engagement to keep these targeted attack scenarios realistic. Testers continually evaluate routes and choose the most likely attack paths of a would-be attacker. To remain undetected, they move slowly and deliberately to complete their objectives and gradually expand their foothold.

At the end of the engagement, the Advanced Adversary Simulation team will have spent weeks occupying the mind of an attacker and amassing a slew of data.

Our Methodology

Learn more about RedTeam Security's Advanced Adversary Simulation Methodology.


Results collected during these simulations are then compiled into actionable reports which reveal your organization's susceptibility to such elevated cyber-attacks to obtain your most sensitive information and potential impact. RedTeam Security's comprehensive reports show clearly what was found, how it was found and provide detailed, proven recommendations for remediation. Reports are typically supported with evidence in the form of photos and film, or in the case of networks or applications, screen captures. Advanced Adversary Simulation engagements provide highly valuable information about your defense capabilities and your employees' security practices. This crucial information is carefully collected to help improve your overall security posture.

To learn how to use Advanced Adversary Simulation to improve your organization's overall security posture, give us a call at (952) 836-2770 or schedule a free consultation with one of our information security professionals.

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Advanced Adversary Simulation Testing FAQs

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