• Tor & Onion Routing Security Implications

    What is Onion Routing?
    Onion Routing is a technique for anonymous communication over a computer network. Messages are repeatedly encrypted and then sent through several network nodes called onion routers. Each onion router removes a layer of encryption to uncover routing instructions, and sends the message to the next router…

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  • Reverse Engineering Zbot Botnet

    RedTeam Security is working with a client to dig deep into the Zbot botnet in an effort to combat its affect on the client's organization. Detection of Zbot is not easily done. With permission from our client, we will share as much research information as possible.

    The Zbot/Zeus…

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  • Botnet Command and Control via Covert Channels

    A Botnet is a jargon term for a collection of software robots, or bots, that run autonomously and automatically. The term is often associated with malicious software, but it can also refer to the network of computers using distributed computing software. While botnets are often named after their malicious…

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