• PlugBot: New Features Announced

    I am pleased to announce some new features that have been added to the PlugBot research project. Just a few months ago, RedTeam Labs announced the launch of the PlugBot project (see here). PlugBot is a patent-pending device for use in the process of physical penetration testing. You…

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  • PlugBot Research Project

    We are pleased to announce the launch of a new research project called The PlugBot, led by RedTeam Security penetration tester and security researcher Jeremiah Talamantes.

    PlugBot is a patent-pending hardware bot. It's a covert penetration testing device designed for use during physical penetration tests by professional penetration testers. PlugBot…

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  • RedTeam Discovers CSRF in PHPWCMS

    RedTeam Discovers Cross Site Request Forgery vulnerability in PHPWCMS

    Jeremiah Talamantes, Principal Security Consultant and Security Researcher at RedTeam, has discovered a cross-site request forgery vulnerability in PHPWCMS version 1.4.5. The security vulnerability in the open source content management system revolves around a lack of security controls around input validation.…

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