• Cisco Password Decrypter

    Cisco Password Decrypter

    We have published a new RedTeam Security Lab tool for use by students and experienced penetration testers. The tool is a proof-of-concept application that decrypts Cisco Type 7 passwords. We have provided an online demo as well as proof-of-concept code written in PHP in CodeIgniter. As always, our tools and…

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  • Soft Tempest and Electronic Spying

    Soft Tempest and Electronic Spying

    I came across an interesting, but not so recent research paper regarding a different twist on TEMPEST. For those unfamiliar with the term TEMPEST, it is another name for investigations and studies of compromising electromagnetic emanations. These electromagnetic emanations originate from electronic devices, such as computer monitors, that…

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  • RedTeam Contributes to Book on Metasploit

    RedTeam Contributes to Book on Metasploit

    We are pleased to announce that RedTeam Security's managing partner, Jeremiah Talamantes, will be contributing to a book as a co-author on the topic of advanced Metasploit techniques. The book will be published by Packt Publishing. Details are currently being worked out, but we are sure this will…

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