• Hiring an Application Security Consultant

    Hiring an Application Security Consultant

    RedTeam Security is seeking an Application Security Consultant for a 12-month contract. This position will work as part of small team to help our client address/fix code review issues in their web application that were identified using Fortify. The candidate must have some development experience in C++, C# and/or Java…

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  • Demystifying Cross Site Request Forgery

    Demystifying Cross Site Request Forgery

    Any given dynamic website could suffer from a wide range of website security flaws. Among the most misunderstood of these flaws is the cross-site request forgery vulnerability, commonly abbreviated as CSRF. Cross-site request forgery flaws, also known as the one-click attack, account for a large percentage of web application vulnerabilities.…

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  • RedTeam's Peter Kacherginsky at Passwords13

    RedTeam's Peter Kacherginsky at Passwords13

    RedTeam security researcher, Peter Kacherginsky (iphelix), presented last week at Passwords13 in Las Vegas, NV. PasswordsCon is the first and only conference of its kind, where security & forensics experts from around the globe meet to discuss only digital authentication security in all forms, shapes, and sizes: passwords,…

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  • Penetration Testing

    We save your business reputation and money by simulating real-world hacker attempts in order to identify security vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

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    RedTeam consultants are highly-skilled, experienced and certified experts. Our certifications include: CISSP, CEH, CHFI, CCISO, CASS, CEPT and others.

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