• Does Compliance Equal Security?

    Does Compliance Equal Security?

    Compliance with regulation is an arduous task of conducting business. Security is a cost center that can impede business and therefore revenue. Compliance is security, or at least, secure enough. These are common perspectives of security organizations and the security field in general. Time and again companies tick check boxes…

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  • The iCloud Security Incident: Thoughts and Considerations

    The iCloud Security Incident: Thoughts and Considerations

    Recently, the compromise of several celebrity iCloud accounts and the subsequent leak of sensitive information in the form of revealing pictures has brought the security of cloud products back into the public eye. This event, and the compromise of several retailers and financial institutions has increased the public’s concern over…

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  • Free Social Engineering eBook by RedTeam

    Free Social Engineering eBook by RedTeam

    We are pleased to release the first in our series of information security eBooks called, Social Engineering: Detect & Mitigate. This publication is available for FREE download.

    About the eBook
    Social Engineering: Detect & Mitigate is an invaluable resource for IT Managers, Security Officers, CISOs and Security Analysts responsible for…

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